'Who we are, how we think and why we build sustainable Longboards'


Andreas Rau Wonca Longboards Team Founder
Andreas Rau

 Administrativ Hero & Media Director

Tim Hermann Wonca Longboards Team Business Developer
Tim Hermann

Business Developer

Henning Schmeddes Wonca Longboards Team Founder
Henning Schmeddes

Master of Woods & Art

Henning Schmeddes Wonca Longboards Team Founder
Alexander Keil

Web Master

Sami  Sigl Wonca Longboards Team Teamrider Eventmanager
Sami Sigl

Cruise Agent & Brand Ambassador

Simona Majerská Wonca Longboards Team Project Manager Slovakia
Simona Majerská

Brand & Project Manager Slovakia


Craftsmanship and Arts
A little journey beyond quality. What is quality for you? Just take a little moment for yourself.

Let’s be honest, delivering good quality in our industrial time is fairly easy. Perfectly functional, well designed, lasting and affordable products are nowadays very common. We don’t even expect anything less.

Compare a plastic bottle to one from glas. What feels better in your hands? Now swap both for a stainless steel bottle you always refill. Feels even better, right? We believe, this simple bottle example can increase the quality of your life. Give you added value to your life, gives a statement about yourself, even makes you proud.

No plastic bottle lacks water, it's a simple disposable quality product. Again, just take a little moment for yourself to think about quality of life.

Private life
We like to have a simple live. Aware of what we eat, what we buy and carry around with us. This reaches from being vegans, aim to produce less trash, reduce our carbon footprint on our beloved planet earth and even trust our money to a bank which invests their money in sustainability and ecological friendly projects. Backpack Australia, travel with a longboard from spain to Germany, ride with a bike all around the baltic sea.

And it all comes down to our product.
Eco-friendly produced from sustainable FSC certified wood. Each board, shirt and sweater is unique and slightly different, like every day is different - simply manmade.

What do you prefer? Industrial & functional - or do you strive for added value in life? We would love to have you on our side.


Sustainable globalisation
A good reason for industrial products is demand and affordability.

Since demand for products persists and demand for craftsmanship, sustainability and eco-friendliness grows - we would like to bring both of these together. Outside industrial but all across the country.

Our target is to provide you with a locally manufactured board. To handle your demand and support local craftsman’s in your country.

Make people happy
We are pretty happy people. We want to make more people happy. Our start to do so, is delivered in a shape of a handmade longboard.